The First Arabs

A collection of 5,000 unique Arab characters living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Be part of the first community to explore Arab culture in the metaverse
and support high-impact social organizations. 0.09 ETH per Arab.


Many thousand years ago, the early Arabs began their journey from the center of the earth. As kingdoms and empires rose and fell, the Arabs spread far and wide taking their diverse and rich cultures with them.

Today the Arabs find themselves divided and scattered across the world, bounded by their physical realities and locations. That was until The First Arabs appeared.

It’s still not clear where they came from, but we do know that they are only 5,000 in number. These Arabs see the metaverse - a new, unknown, and potentially dangerous space - as a chance for cultures and those divided by country lines to be united.

It is said that they have rekindled forgotten bonds and are the first Arabs to make the perilous journey into the metaverse. They are driven by their collective power and their mission to support their communities in kindness and good.

Become one of The First Arabs to explore the Arabverse.


We’re on a mission to support underprivileged Arab communities across the world.

As we progress through our roadmap, we will be deploying treasury funds to high impact non-profit organizations. These will be selected by our community, and will support causes such as hunger, public health, youth empowerment, refugee aid, and more.

We commit to donating a share of (A) primary sales at key milestones, (B) profits earned from secondary sales in perpetuity, and (C) profits from future projects & activations.

We hope to build a community that brings people closer together, shares Arab culture across the world, and is a force for good.

These NFTs are just the start — owning an Arab is your ticket to all our future projects and benefits. Stay tuned.


For any questions not answered above, please reach out to us on our Discord


We have big plans for the community: NFT drops to Arab holders, the launch of our treasury to fund high impact organizations & social initiatives, a merchandise store launch exclusively for members of the community, and more. This is the beginning — Phase 2 commences soon after.


The First Arabs Social Treasury Launch We set up The First Arabs Social Treasury and make the first contribution of 5 ETH to a partner non-profit organization. The community will be one of the first to make a cryptocurrency donation to a non-profit in the Arab world and we will work with the chosen organization to develop a wider crypto fundraising strategy.


The “Late Arabs” Air Drop We release the late First Arabs. These Arabs (held back from the sale) find their way to the metaverse after being stuck in traffic (الشوارع زحمة), and are airdropped to existing First Arab holders.


The Mission Continues We donate another 20 ETH from the treasury to the selected non-profit organization.


The First Arabs Store سوق العرب الأولون We begin development on the official merch store of The First Arabs. The store will feature the coolest items from The First Arabs collection. We will pre-launch the site for our community members exclusively before opening it up to the public.


The Next Phase المرحلة القادمة We will donate another 35 ETH from the treasury to organizations selected by our community. We will also begin Phase 2 of The First Arabs mission:

1. Activating new features and related projects
2. Providing special perks & benefits to The First Arabs holders
3. Continuing to support Arab communities and high impact organizations worldwide


Ahlan! We’re a group of Arab friends dreaming of a brighter future for the Arab world, both in reality and the metaverse. As you know by now we’re passionate about the future of blockchain, supporting our communities, and bringing people closer together.

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Sheikh Meta

Like the chicken from the butcher

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Bint Sina

You can't see me

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General Ful

More Pan-arabs more ful

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Still on the way

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